The Main Components of a Dirt Bike

A dirt bike, as the name suggests, is a motorcycle designed for operating in dirt, sand, or gravel. You will notice one from the normal bikes for their lack of certain parts. Also, they are built with sturdier parts to endure extreme performance and abuse.

Today, we will discuss a dirt bike's main components. So, when you want to buy a kids mini bike, you'll know what to go for.


A dirt bike is quite simple when it comes to parts. It lacks common safety components like the lights and the mirrors. Hence, they are not for riding on the road but off-road.

The bikes are much lighter in weight, especially since they have fewer components. The weight also concerns their speed and performance. For instance, a dirt bike will not have large seats or luxury gear as seen on passenger bakes.

A dirt bike is generally comprised of the following:

  • Engine
  • Chassis
  • Wheels
  • Brakes
  • Suspension

Let's look at each part individually.


The engine is one of the most crucial parts of a dirt bike. It's the engine that produces the power and torque to move the bike forward.

Dirt bikes are categorized based on the displacement class of their engines. This means the power and performance of a dirt bike engine depend on the volume of air and fuel mixture consumed in a single cycle. This volume is measured in Cubic Centimeters. A 40cc dirt bike means the bike can only hold 40cc of air and fuel mixture in a complete cycle.

So, the next time you want to buy a bike like the BMW G450X, compare it with something like a Beta 450 RS Supermoto. Both have the same CC rating, only from different manufacturers.

Apart from engine placement, a gas-powered dirt bike is also defined by the cylinder setup. There are two main setups:

  • Four-stroke engines. These are engines that complete a combustion cycle in four-cylinder movements (strokes). Such machines are heavier because they have more moving parts.
  • Two-stroke engines. Unlike the four-stroke above, these engines complete one combustion cycle in two-cylinder movements. They have few movable parts, and hence, lighter. 

A dirt bike's engine sits at the center, slightly under the fuel tank and along the oil tank. It's connected to the transmission and other crucial components.


The chassis is the skeleton of a dirt bike. It holds several crucial parts on which the engine and everything else rests. It's made up of three main components:

1. Front fork

The front fork lets the rider control their bike easily. This is where the handlebars connect to the fork tubes to hold the front wheel. In other words, there would be no proper control were it not for this part.

2. Frame

Another important part of the chassis is the frame. It holds the rest of the bike and connects the front fork to the rest. A frame can be made from aluminum or steel since it requires strength and density.

3. Suspension

With the suspension, it would be easier to ride a dirt bike. This is the part that grounds the bike and gives you a smooth ride. There are two suspension systems on a bike:

  • The front suspension. These are the hydraulic shocks that connect the fort. Its work is to cushion impact under the wheel.
  • The rear suspension. Designed with stronger shock absorbers, the rear suspension connects the body and the axle.

When buying a dirt bike for kidsensure it has a smooth suspension to protect your kids from potential injuries. Riding in the dirt and gravel includes going through potholes, which could cause back injuries.

Chain and Sprocket

When you talk about gearing in dirt bikes, the chain and sprocket come into the picture. The connects the front and rear sprockets, which rotates the rear wheel to push the bike forward.

FRP DB003 Chain and Sprocket

Power delivery depends on the number of teeth on each sprocket. You can get greater speed, great acceleration, or something in between, depending on the status of the sprocket and the chain.

So, a dirt bike has two sprockets, the smaller countershaft sprocket attached directly to the engine and the larger rear one connected to the rear wheel. A new sprocket set comes with a chain.


Riding can be dangerous without proper control and a superior braking system. Each comes with a set of brakes. The rear wheel is attached to the drum brakes, which are applied using stepping pressure from the axle. Disc brakes use a pad to the outside of the brake, slowing down the bike whenever needed.

The braking system is an essential consideration when buying kids' dirt bikes. You don't want to see them get hurt while attempting different maneuvers with their engines.


Wheels play another crucial role on dirt bikes. They are your dirt bike's legs, receiving the engine's power to move ahead.

Tires are essential parts of dirt bike wheels. They are generally made from rubber to provide grip and smooth riding.

FRP DB003 mini bike back tire

You will find tires in three main categories:

  • Off-road. These tires are defined by their roughness and protuberant shapes. They are designed this way to lose dirt firster while giving the bike more traction. These are the tires to get on your dirt bike.
  • Road tires. These tires are mostly flat and smooth. The goal is to keep a larger part of the bike on the ground. You don't need much for a dirt bike.
  • Dual-sport. These are broader and flatter tires with the roughness of off-road performance. They are a hybrid type, suitable for any terrain.

Always check the tires on your dirt bike to ensure they have good traction before putting them to the test. If they are not rough enough, it would be best to buy new ones.


Owning a dirt bike is quite amazing. But you must be ready to deal with maintenance tasks, which require proper knowledge of different components. This guide should form the foundation of everything you need to know. If you have any questions, let us know, and we will be happy to answer.


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