A Red FRP GMB100 Gas Mini Bike
A Black FRP GMB100 Gas Mini Bike
Red FRP GMB100 Gas mini bike left side
Black FRP GMB100 Gas mini bike right side
Black FRP GMB100 Gas mini bike pull start
Black FRP GMB100 Gas mini bike Rear disc brake
Red FRP GMB100 Gas mini bike details
Red FRP GMB100 Gas mini bike front wheel
Red FRP GMB100 Gas mini bike kill switch
Black FRP GMB100 Gas mini bike kill switch
Black FRP GMB100 Gas mini bike Headlight
99CC Gas Mini Bike

99CC Gas Mini Bike

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VINTAGE DESIGN: The FRP GMB100 gas mini bike features a vintage minimalist design with a sturdy steel frame, showcasing a fender with large lettering for a unique visual effect. Additionally, it offers an optional LED headlight, allowing you to customize your ride to match your style.

POWERFUL ENGINE: 99CC 4-Stroke gas mini bike provides stronger power and lower noise than a 2-Stroke off-road mini bike; does not require mixing oil. The speed of GMB100 gas mini bikes is up to 28Mph, weight support is Up to 185 lbs, and 0.36-gallon gas for 27 miles.

85% PRE-ASSEMBLED: With only the Handlebar, Front Fork, Front Wheel, and Front Fender of FRP GMB100 mini bike left to assemble, you can quickly and easily get your gas mini bike ready to ride.

EFFICIENT CHAIN TENSION: FRP GMB100 gas mini bikes feature a reliable tensioning system designed for chains. It ensures that the mini bike's chain maintains optimal tension during the entire ride, preventing slipping, skipping, or derailment.

EPA APPROVED: FRP GMB100 gas mini bike is EPA approved, which means the mini bike will not cause unreasonable adverse effects on users’ health under the instruction manual, and it’s environmentally friendly, while it has low noise.

EASY & SMOOTH: Our gas mini bike GMB100 features an easy pull-start operation, usually requiring just three pulls to start your adventure on the 99cc 4-stroke gas mini bike.

SAFETY FIRST: Our gas mini bike is EPA-approved and has a rugged clutch and sturdy metal tube steel frame for stability. The rear disk brake ensures a smooth stop and prevents kids from exceeding the safe speed limit on the 99cc mini bike. Please carefully read the entire manual before operating.

  1. This is for enjoyment in private properties only.
  2. This product is NOT available in California.

- Max Speed: 28 mph
- Motor: 99cc 4-stroke OHV Engine
- Engine Start: Pull Start
- Oil: No Mixed-Oil Needed
- Gas Tank: 1.38 Gallon Volume
- Cruising Range: Up to 27 Miles Per Tank
- Max Weight: Support up to 185 lbs

-Size: 50*28*33 inch

- Seat: Padded (single rider)
- Handlebars: Adjustable angles, not height
- Brakes System: Rear Disc Brake
- Safety System: Kill Switch
- Transmission: Automatic Chain Drive
- Tires: 145/70-6 Pneumatic
- Sturdy Frame: Fully Equipped Tube Steel Frame for Extra Rigid Stability
- Throttle: Variable twist-grip
- Assembly Required: Yes
- Assembly Parts: Handlebar Clamps & Front Fender & Front Wheel

Shipping info:

- We do not ship to US Protectorates (Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands), APO/FPO (AA, AE, and AP), and overseas.

Return policy:

- 60 days free return

Size guides:

- Item Dimension: L50" x W28" x H33"
- Box Dimension: L40" x W15" x H27"
- Item Weight: 79.5 lbs
- Box Weight: 90.5 lbs

What's in the box:

- FRP GMB100
- User manual
- Tools kits
- Fast shipping
- World-class customer service


- User Manual

Amazon Reviews:


New Vintage

Vintage minimalism meets a sturdy steel frame, reminiscent of the beloved classic gas mini bikes with its understated design. The fender showcases large lettering, creating a distinct visual impact.
No mixing oil needed

FRP GMB100 gas mini bike is equipped with a 99CC 4-stroke OHV engine, delivering stronger power while generating lower noise. And the best part? There's no need for mixing oil!

Easy to pull start

Typically, with just three pulls of the pull-start, you're off to the off-road. Even kids can start them easily. FRP GMB100 gas mini bikes bring you an effortless adventure.

complimentary accessories

Experience the excitement of enhanced visibility with the LED headlight on FRP gas mini bikes. Recharge conveniently for continuous and brilliant rides. Enjoy additional protection with the included neck gaiter in off-road gas mini bikes during your adventures.

Efficient Chain Tension

FRP GMB100 gas mini bikes feature a reliable chain tensioning system. It ensures the chain remains perfectly tensioned during off-roading, preventing slipping, skipping, or derailment.

How fast does GMB100 mini bike go?

Powered by a 99cc 4-stroke OHV engine, the GMB100 gas mini bike can reach a top speed of 28 mph.

Can adults ride a gas mini bike?

Sure, the GMB100 gas mini bike is a gas-powered mini bike for both adults and teens. It has a 23-inch seat height and a sturdy frame that can hold up to 185 pounds.

Is GMB100 gas mini bike easy to assemble?

The FRP GMB100 gas mini bike is mostly pre-assembled, with only a few parts left to assemble, such as the handlebar, front fork, front wheel, and front fender. Once these are in place, you'll be ready to take your gas mini bike on off-road adventures in no time.

Is GMB100 gas mini bike safe?

FRP GMB100 gas mini bike, with a sturdy steel frame, safety kill switch and rear disc brake, is suitable for kids of all skill levels. It is EPA-approved, ensuring no harm to users' health.

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