Kids Dirt Bike Ultimate Guide: Tips for starting your kids on Dirt Bike

If you are the parent who love seeing your kids having a roll with their bike, but not sure how to start, this information is written just for you. 

We will tell you what age is a good time for your kids to start riding a kid's dirt bike, along with the best brand out there. Then we move on to the safety tips you may follow to keep yourself and your children safe.

How to start dirt bike for your kids

1. Practice on a flat and straight dirt road

A flat straight dirt road is the ideal place to get them started. The straight road will keep them on their dirt bikes, with hardly any crashes. Just make sure they don't do any 180-degree turns on any side. Just go straight on the dirt road and enjoy. 

2. Let go of pedal trainers.

Don't start with training wheels because if the kids do so, they will be as fearful of letting them go as they were beginning without them. Within 3 to 4 rides, your children will feel confident riding kids dirt bikes.

3. Get the most age-appropriate dirt bike.

Here is the perfect answer to your question about how old to ride a dirt bike! There is a suitable age for dirt bike riding, and you must be cautious of the correct size as a parent. Starting with a 50cc dirt bike is usual for most kids because it's smaller, lighter, and less intimidating. Even if your child doesn't fit the age bracket for a 50cc one, and larger bikes may fit them more appropriately, it's good to let them practice on smaller ones.

4. Teach them one step at a time

Instead of dumping their minds with information that will undoubtedly overwhelm them, stick to one basic daily rule. This way, they'll master their dirt bike and get a sense of the gears and tools on the bike.

5. Practice turning in a large open field

Teaching kids to practice 180 degrees is difficult, as the bike's weight overpowers the child. A large open field is the best choice to make them practice their turns sharply until they can master the 180 degrees.

6. Stop them for water breaks.

After the first few rides, your kids will actually love to ride the dirt bike like crazy. When they are on the dirt tracks, their body will sweat profusely from handling the bike's weight, safety gear, and adrenaline rush. But the wind blows and wicks away their sweat, leaving them dehydrated. It is therefore practical to stop them after every half hour and give them nice cool water to drink.

7. Make them feel excited about their safety gear. 

Browse videos online and show them how cool the safety gear looks on bike riders. You can also show them pictures of cool helmets, shirts, and pads to fuel their excitement. This will make them more comfortable and excited about wearing their stuff.

8. Teach them its okay to learn from failures

Your children are already intimidated by the heavy bikes, and if you show them your frustration while they are just learning and failing, it will undoubtedly put extra pressure on them. So keep calm and teach them it's okay to fall in the first few attempts. Your confidence will also let them try new things.

What is the best dirt bike for kids to start riding on?

The FRP 40cc dirt bike is by far the best kids dirt bike. Here are a few salient features of the bike to back our claim.

  • Maximum Speed 20 mph
  • No Oil needed
  • 40cc motor 4-stroke engine
  • Pull Start Engine
  • 32 Gallon Gas Tank
  • 27 miles per tank Cruising Range
  • Steel frame
  • Front tires: 4.10-6
  • Rear tires: 5.00-6
  • One rear disc brake
  • Variable twist grip throttle
  • Padded single seat
  • Handlebars are adjustable but not according to height.

Dirt Bike Safety for Kids

Dirt bikes are safe for kids if parents take all safety measures. Moreover, parents must also consider the bike's durability and dependability. Here are a few safety tips to ensure your kids' safety while driving their dirt bikes. 

  • Never let them drive on tarmac roads; instead, let them ride on dirt tracks for beginners.
  • Get them safety gear like goggles, helmets, chest and back guards, gloves, boots, kidney belts, etc.
  • Don't save on safety gear, as it's good to be careful, but always aim for good quality pieces of equipment.
  • Suitable safety gear should be worn when they are driving their dirt bikes.
  • Overspeeding must be avoided because this way, they'll not be able to control and fall into accidents.
  • Consider the weather condition and take children only on a dry, clear day, not during inclement weather.
  • Keep your dirt bike adequately maintained and ensure it is in proper condition before your child gets on.

Getting the right kids dirt bike for your kid

As parents, your primary concern at this moment must be the right age for a dirt bike for your child dirt bike. Here is a brief analysis to make the process easy for you:

Words for you!

Kids dirt bikes are the ultimate beginner bikes for any age type, and since they don't need oil or filter changes, their maintenance is far more accessible. Clean the gas tank regularly, inflate the tires, and examine them for loose parts or bolts. Keep the weight limit of the dirt bike aligned with your child's weight. Adhering to the capacity limitations will prevent your child from getting damaged due to unforeseen incidents.

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