Exercise for dirt bike riders

Do you want to raise the level of ripping laps on the track or hitting off-road trails when riding dirt bikes? You’d better do the motocross training in advance. Most dirt bike riders work on their fitness off the bike to raise their level of endurance and skill. So where do you start? Here are some dirt bike fitness tips for you.

As one of the most demanding sports, motocross requires riders to have a good physical and mental state. You can think about yourself as an athlete, and here are some dirt bike fitness tips for you to improve your skills.

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Improve strength

The first thing for you to do is to build strength at top speed, otherwise, you are not able to leverage a 250-pound dirt bike around the track. Usually, all your strength and power come from your core and legs when you ride with the right technique. 

But don’t lift arm weights during the motocross since it will cause an arm pump. When the forearm muscle works at its full capacity for a long period, the blood will be back up and the blood pressure will increase. As a result, you will get lots of arm pain. 

Therefore, building a strong upper body can prevent fatigue during long riding, and strong legs will allow you to grip the bike effectively and release the pressure off your arms. Try to stretch out your forearms to prevent arm pump during the motocross training. Stretch out not only before, but also after the riding to improve recovery and flexibility.

It is better to practice regardless of the time of race season, such as swimming, cycling, skipping, or running on soft sand. These exercises have less impact on the body’s joints and ligaments but are great for the cardiovascular system and overall strength. 

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Improve balance

How to improve your balance when you are the most tired? Keep doing the core training. The core strength can provide both great balance and control of the bike. Try to start with a small dirt bike to steady yourself slowly on either a two-stroke or four-stroke bike, because it is not easy to lift the dirt bike back after the crash without good balance. To choose the dirt bike for beginners, Kids Dirt Bike 003 with a four-stroke engine is a good choice. 

When doing the exercise to improve your balance, remain standing when riding the bike. It helps you gain proper control of the bike by putting lots of your weight on a lower point of the bike. Moreover, practice keeping your feet on the pegs, and it can develop muscle memory to force you to grip the bike with your knees. If you want to know more about exercises to improve balance, here is the guide for you.

Improve endurance

Endurance is the ability to keep up with physical activity over a long period. It is hard to do motocross without resistance since such a sport requires a high level of intensity. Any repetitive activity can build up stamina which can allow you to ride a bike for a longer time, such as running, swimming, and climbing mountains. 

By doing cardio exercises, your cardiovascular and respiratory systems can be improved. These activities can build up your heart rate and lung capacity to match the cardio output when riding the bike. 

Moreover, food intake is highly related to endurance as well. Your energy is derived from your dietary choice. Try having more fish, leafy vegetables, and dairy products during the motocross training.

Improve riding skills

Nothing competes to riding time and keep practicing motors. Try some steep rock ledges, long tutted corners, and rutted hills during the motocross training, even at a slow speed.

Riding every day can help you build stamina and muscular strength. Professional dirt bike riders usually ride their bikes at least 4 days a week and concentrate on their chosen field of riding to develop specific skills in that area. 

As we know, practice makes perfect. The most important thing to get fit on the motorcycle is practice, no matter what specific style you will encounter. However, don’t forget to stretch and incorporate yoga into the fitness routine, which can prevent injury and get muscles ready to work. 


Start with a small dirt bike, and improve your strength, balance, endurance, and riding skills slowly. Consider yourself an amateur racer, and achieving peak physical strength and stamina is not easy but should be the goal of all riders.

However, rest and recovery are also important after motocross training. Your body will get fatigued easily without adequate rest and losing up your muscles can give your body a better chance to recover. Make sure you drink enough water after the riding and resting your body is just as important as training.

Be smart and consistent. Follow the above dirt bike fitness tips, and you can find your peak strength and fitness, and your result will be improved dramatically.

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