How fast is a 40cc kids dirt bike?

Choosing the right engine capacity is critical when choosing a gas powered dirt bike for kids. But what does CC really mean? Does a higher CC engine mean higher speed? What is the top speed for a 40cc kids dirt bike? Here is our simple guide to help you learn more about this specification and know how to choose the perfect engine for your kid or as a beginner.

FRP 40cc kids gas dirt bike 003

What’s CC means in dirt bike?

CC stands for Cubic Capacity. The CC of an engine in a gas powered bike refers to the volume (in cubic centimeters) of the engine cylinder. In simple words, it tells us how the engine capacity. Inside the engine cylinder, it is a mixture of air and gasoline. For instance, our FRP dirt bike 003 with the 40CC engine displaces 40 cubic centimeters of the mixture. The larger the capacity of the engine, the higher amount of mixture it can compress to make more power, and the bike can accelerate faster. As CC represents the volume, not the power, although higher CC correlates to a higher power, it doesn’t mean a higher CC dirt bike is always faster than a lower CC dirt bike. If you want to get more information about how is cc related to power, you may check out this YouTube video.

So, what other factors affect the speed?

Besides the value of CC, weight also plays an important role in deciding the speed of the bike, and there are two weights need to consider. The first one is the weight of the dirt bike. The smaller your bike's weight, the faster you can go. Our FRP 40cc dirt bike 003 has a net weight of 44 pounds, which is quite light compared to other models in its category. The second one is the load weight, which includes the weight of the rider and the gears. With all other factors being equal, a rider weighing 100 lbs will ride faster than one weighing 200 lbs, simply because of their respective weights. You can always go with a faster speed with a lighter weight, as a higher weight takes more time and energy to accelerate, but there are some other factors affect the speed too, such as the design of the bike, number of engine cylinders, and road condition.

Examples top speed for different kids dirt bike

40cc kids dirt bike






50cc kids dirt bike





Yamaha PW50


SSR 50cc


Yamaha TT-R50E



A 40cc kids dirt bike typically has a top speed of around 25 mph. This is the perfect option for those who looking for a kids bike and a beginner bike, as the speed doesn't seem as fast as the speed of a bigger size engine bike. Plus, a small engine bike always comes in a smaller size and lighter weight, so kids can operate it easily. As the brand focuses on kids’ power sports, we want to ensure kids feel secure enough while riding our bikes. A small engine dirt bike that allows them to have fun and get involved in the sport without having to take the risks associated with bigger bikes.


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