How to choose the first dirt bike for your kids?

A lot goes into thinking before buying your child's first kids dirt bike. Nothing compares to the excitement you see on their face when they finally land their hands and feet on one.

kids dirt bike

When you look for kid’s dirt bike options online, the difference is stark, as a lot has changed since our days.

So how do you go about finding the best dirt bike for beginners? Look no further, as you have landed in the best spot. This blog will give you all the buying and product information you need to safely get your child a new dirt bike considering his height and weight, whether you need a two or four-stroke engine. How much power does your kids dirt bike need, one with a pull or kickstart, and lastly, a good one to fit your budget?

What is the right dirt bike size for your kid?

Every parent has a different approach to introducing their child to their first dirt bike, and they have all the right to do so. They can decide which bike is appropriate for their kids age because every age bracket has varying needs that parents have to handle.

  • 2-3-year-olds: the best dirt bike for this age is one with 6-volt batteries fitted with training wheels that gives them the feel of riding a dirt bike but with added protection and safety. Moreover, they'll ride like a pro within a year or two.
  • 3-5 years old: for this age group, it is good to let them drive up to 10 mph, as faster than this speed can lead to accidents. A dirt bike is the best option, which helps them progress but at a slower pace. An important factor to keep in consideration is finding the right speed for them to fuel their passion. Allow them to practice in the backyard or at a friend's place with some land dedicated for this purpose; they will learn well under adult supervision. The purpose is to give them awareness about the bike and their body as they don't have the strength to handle a complete motorcycle yet. Training wheels are a safe option for this age as well.
  • 6-9 years old: children in this bracket have mastered the basics, and even if they are new to the bike, they'll get along well, don't worry. Some kids can handle a complete grown-up bike at this age, while others want to go for a bigger and faster one. This is a crucial age for parents because kids are transitioning into teenagers and may get out of control while imagining themselves as the next dirt bike champion. So to stay on the safer side, get them a 50cc bike.
  • 9-12 years old and above: setting limits is the most difficult at this age because your now-teenager wants more to broaden his potential. Even if he starts, he'll master the bike once he sets his hands on one. A 250cc dirt bike is a good choice for this age.

Here is a table showing the right kids dirt bike size for your child, corresponding to various parameters. 

Child’s Age

Child’s Height

Bike Seat Size

Engine in cc

2 to 3 years old

2 to 3 feet

10-15 inches

6-volt battery powered

3 to 5 years old

2 to 3 feet

17 to 21 inch


6 to 9 years old

3 to 4 feet

21 to 25 inches


9 to 12 and above

4 to 5 feet

25 to 30 inches


Would you like a two-stroke or a four-stroke engine?

 For beginners, a dirt bike with a two-stroke engine is good due to its ease of maintenance and controllability. For experienced kids, a four-stroke engine is all they might need to explore their full potential, as these offer a smooth ride with more power and are less likely to jerk or stall in any terrain.

However, parents need to see if their child can bear the weight of a four-stroke engine bike as they are heavier than two-stroke ones. A four-stroke engine bike also requires more maintenance than a two-stroke engine dirt bike.

How much power do you need?

Your child must begin his dirt bike journey with good quality, lightweight dirt bike for which a 50cc automatic, 65cc semi-automatic or 85cc manual bike can work well.

For a safer bet, take your kid for a trail to check if his feet can touch the ground and if he is comfortable or not. This way, you will also gauge if your child's weight is endurable for the bike or not. Dirt bikes 85cc and beyond are not meant for kids because they are fast and not for learning. If you want them to learn the basics of throttle control and braking mechanisms, then a 50cc one is good.

Do you want to pull start or kick start the dirt bike?

Kickstart bikes are a great way to start, mainly because they are more reliable. Moreover, they are low maintenance, and they hold up better. Pull-start bikes are hard to get started for kids, and their battery is not as reliable as a foot.

These bikes are also more reliable for the ride and start-up in inclement weather conditions. They are more cost-effective and cheaper than kickstart bikes. Since they are lightweight, kids find it easier to adjust their weight and make their ride on all terrains comfortable.

What is your budget?

Many parents opt for a brand-new dirt bike, while many decide to get a secondhand one for their child's first dirt bike ride experience. It doesn't matter which one you choose to go for, as long as it is comfortable for your child and your budget. No matter which one you buy, your child's enthusiasm and size will outgrow the size of the bike, and you'll have to purchase a new one.

On average, a new dirt bike costs between $250 to $2500. The cheaper ones are fitted with electric motors, are less powerful, and are easier to use. The pricier ones are more powerful with motorized engines.


The final choice rests in your hand as you must choose a dirt bike matching your kids age. Whether you buy a kickstart or pull-start dirt bike with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine, your child gets the riding experience. Whatever you choose, don't forget to create beautiful memories.



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