Electric vs. Gas Dirt Bike for Kids

Most parents would like to compare multiple features while choosing dirt bikes and would not compromise a single feature before making the final decision. No matter you choose electric or gas-powered dirt bikes for kids, you need to consider the safety issue, comfort, reliability, and maintenance.

The main difference between electric dirt bikes and gas-powered dirt bikes is their power source. The electric dirt bike is battery powered whereas the gas dirt bike is gas powered. Usually, gas-powered dirt bikes are faster but heavier, they are cheaper to purchase but have higher maintenance costs than electric bikes which are light and eco-friendly. 

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However, let’s take a closer look at how they are different from each other.


The main difference between electric and gas bikes is their power source, the former is battery-powered by a lithium-ion battery and the latter is gas-powered either by a two-stroke engine or a four-stroke engine. Most families find it interrupting a lot when riding electric bikes since they might need to change the battery multiple times along the way. While a gas-powered dirt bike is long-lasting with a full tank of gas, the four-stroke bike usually consumes more fuel than the two-stroke bike.

However, batteries will last longer if they are charged before the bike is run out of power. Most electric bike batteries will charge from 2 to 6 hours, so most bike owners always carry an extra battery to make longer trips.


Gas-powered dirt bikes can reach a higher speed than electric bikes since they have more power. Most gas bikes can reach speeds up to 60mph+, while electric bikes rarely have speeds over 20 mph. But it depends on the model, an Electric Zero FX ZF 7.2 dirt bike can have up to 85 mph. Usually, electric dirt bikes can reach about 20 miles per hour on average, and it would be better to carry extra batteries to make long trips without worrying about stopping to charge. For gas-powered dirt bikes, a two-stroke engine bike usually speeds up more quickly, whereas a bike with a four-stroke engine has more consistent power and reliable motors. If your kids prefer motor racing during a long-lasting riding journey, gas-powered dirt bikes are more suitable for them. A 40cc dirt bike is a good choice for kids from 8 to 12 years old who start to ride a dirt bike for the first time.


Most parents prefer gas-powered dirt bikes due to their reliability. With the heavy engine, kids have less flight feeling and feel more stable when riding on open and high-speed terrain. Even electric bikes are light and eco-friendly, gas-powered dirt bikes can provide steady power even on high and steep track climbs, which most parents prefer this advantage.


Both gas and electric bikes need regular maintenance to keep performing well and prevent mechanical failures, but gas-powered dirt bikes need extra engine maintenance. You need to consider oil changes, leak checks, and air filter cleaning for gas bikes, which are irrelevant to an electric bike. However, all-electric dirt bikes need to be treated carefully during rainy days, especially riding on terrains that are filled with ponds. Getting water into the bike, especially the battery, could reduce the bike’s lifespan and lead to your bike running inefficiently as it should. As a result, it might need to increase maintenance costs if you overlook the problem. 


Gas bikes generate more noise with their engine than electric bikes. The internal combustion engine will cause a lot of noise when riding on the road, if you consider the local noise ordinance you’d better for electric bikes. But some riders prefer the roar of the combustion since the sound will give them a sense of accomplishment.


Electric bikes have fewer components and are lighter than gas-powered dirt bikes. The engine will give gas bikes more weight but more safety, and most electric bikes are easy to swing and not stable enough during the long-lasting riding journey. Even though electric bikes are light and need less maintenance, they are more expensive than gas bikes. 


It is not easy to choose a dirt bike for kids, and you need to consider both the bike’s sustainability and kid’s preferences, their age, weight, and height, and which terrain the bike will be ridden. Gas-powered dirt bike is best for kids who have certain skills and might plan to ride at motocross events. If parents have a tight budget and don’t care too much about the noise, gas bikes can be a good choice as well. 

Nevertheless, electric bikes are better for beginners, who don’t want to ride at a high speed. If parents care more about noise, are efficient, have a low environmental impact, and have a high budget, then electric bikes can be a good choice. Besides, kids would change their dirt bikes when growing up, and their preferences might change with more professional riding skills. No matter whether you choose gas or electric bikes, your kid’s preferences and safety are the most important factors to concern.


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