Best beginner dirt bike for kids

It is important to choose the right dirt bike for your kid’s age and skill level. Dirt bikes for kids should meet high-quality standards and be easy to control. 

FRP DB003 DB001 youth dirt bike youth dirt bike

The Best Age to Start Dirt Biking

There is no specific age when it comes to choosing dirt bikes for kids. It depends on your kids’ ability to handle off-road driving and their level of maturity. Usually, kids can start their first dirt bike at three, and parents should guide their kids slowly since they are still developing the capabilities to learn. Remember that kids at this age lack spatial awareness and adequate strength to ride the bike by themselves, so parents need to be present to offer guidance and make them comfortable. However, some parents tend to introduce the sport when their kids are still toddlers, and a gas-powered mini dirt bike with training wheels can be a good choice.

You can choose a more powerful dirt bike for an 8-year-old child since they might accumulate enough fundamentals to handle the large dirt bike at this age. Professional bikers might find their talents and begin to pursue high speed and stunts as have seen on TV. Make sure to get the safety gear when choosing the bike, bikes between 50cc and 150cc are ideal for children at this age.

As for teenagers, they will be well-equipped to handle more powerful bikes and be ready for competitions, bikes around 250cc are good choices for them. 

The Best Dirt Bike Size for Kids

It would be better to introduce a 50cc dirt bike with training wheels for a 4-year-old child. The less powerful the machine is, the safer it is for beginners. However, when choosing a dirt bike for kids, you need to consider balance maintain, off-road stability, and safety issue. Posture is another critical factor, and it can maintain a supportive upright position through bumps. Try to select a bike that fits the rider’s height, weight, and body strength.  

Simply to say, a dirt bike can carry up to 320 lbs. Heavier riders should choose a 4-stroke gas dirt bike that is strong enough to hold heavy loads. If your kids are beginners, try a mini dirt bike at first, and the 40CC KIDS DIRT BIKE 003 with a 4-stroke engine is a good choice. With a heavier 4-stroke engine, kids might have less flight feeling and feel more stable on steep track climbs. 

However, choosing the dirt bike depends on kids’ physical ability and age. If parents consider more about the traction and stability of the bike, a 4-stroke gas dirt bike is a good choice. But kids grow fast over years, and dirt bikes will change fast with kids’ increasing age.

What Features Do You Need for A Kids Dirt Bike?

Most dirt bikes have an automatic transmission which allows the kid to concentrate on handling the bike without worries about stalling. The gear can pick up gradually, which makes the riding experience smooth and stable. Riders just must ease off the throttle and click the bike into gear through the usual gear lever. Usually, large tires fit most in the 6 to 10 age range, and its large motor has more kick than the average dirt bike. For beginners, the dirt bike with its speed throttle and safety kill switch is ideal for new riders since they can choose between three levels to limit the speed. 

Other suggestions for kids’ dirt bike

1. Yamaha PW50

This type of bike is popular among young riders for its low seat and beginner-friendly features. Most parents prefer it for kids from 4 to 6, and some top features such as a fully automatic transmission, ultra-low seat height, and throttle stop screw make it a great learner bike. Also, it has just enough power and pulls to make things exciting for your kids, and the overall bike experience is smooth. The controls are best for beginners, and the soft suspension adds to the easy ride. Overall, it is a great bike for beginner riders who want to build their confidence fast and have an easy learning time.

2. Honda CRF50F

Honda CRF50F is a small-sized trail bike with a low 21.6-seat height for kids from 5 to 7. It has a 4-stroke engine with a 49cc engine displacement, and it is one of the most reliable and robust dirt bikes for kids. Most parents prefer it to have safety features such as the throttle limiter which allows them to adjust the bike to a lower speed. Additionally, the robust build of the bike allows riders to survive the rough terrain. 

3. FRP DB003

FRP DB003 is a gas-powered mini dirt bike with the easy pull-start operation, and it makes this the ideal trail for any teen rider. It has low noise and is environmentally friendly, so there is no need for mixing oil. Its metal tube steel frame can provide extra stability, and the dual disc brake provides fast and stopping power. In a word, it is a good choice for trail bike riders.


Overall, we recommend FRP DB003 with a 4-stroke engine for the best dirt bike for kids, whichever you choose, remember to keep your child safe by equipping them with the proper riding gear. Both the engine type and the structural size of the dirt bike are necessary considerations, and parents can determine the best size by how well their kids sit on it. You can also check this article for more information on the features about dirt bikes for kids.

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